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Arcturian Conversation: Align to the Reality of Power Within

Conversation with the Arcturians
Align to the Reality of Power Within

Sue/Arcturians: Greetings, we are the Arcturians, and we understand that you, Suzille and Shawnna, would like to speak with us about your adventures in the future.

Shawnna, would you like to ask us any questions?

Yes, well thank you for your constant guidance. Is there anything that you feel is pertinent to convey or share with our Leadership Team and the broader audience at this time?

Within this Now, we perceive that humanity is in a shift. There are changes, especially in the United States, that are and will be occurring, and also in some of the other countries.

If we are interested in understanding the current energies and the chaotic shifts that are occurring, maybe you could share your Higher perspective on that?

Yes, would you give us your operational definition of chaotic shifts? How do you perceive that? For we perceive it on a Planetary level. And we do not perceive chaos in the same manner that humans do. So if you could give us your human perspective, then we can speak more directly to your question.

From our perspective, I suppose we sense it as what we call the chaos that precedes change, and it manifests in many ways. We see the political system, the natural resources, the importance of Spiritual protection at this time, and just having an awareness of our surroundings, and all the influences that are quite active at this time.

Yes, and there are some very positive influences that are active at this time, as well. The Pleiadians have doubled their troops, and they are in the process of a major landing, however, people will not know of this landing unless they are able to activate their Higher Fourth/Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.

From their Higher Fourth/Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, they will have a sense that something is changing, that the militia is here to assist, that there is help that perhaps has not been recognized in the past. And the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Antareans, and the Venusians are particularly keeping an eye on Gaia. They’re keeping an eye on Gaia because they want to make sure that things remain peaceful. And what we want all of humanity to know is that the transition from the Third into the Fourth and into the Fifth Dimension is meant to be peaceful and kind and loving.

However, there are those of lower states of consciousness that are currently wearing a Third Dimensional vessel that do not want the shift because they will not hold the degree of power once the shift has occurred.

Now those who have no interest in power over and those who only want to focus on their own inner power are very pleased, are very open, are very anxious and ready to receive these Higher Frequencies of Light.

However, there are also those who want to have power over, and a lot of this conflict has been occurring in the United States because it was meant to be one of the first flashpoints of Ascension. There are those that are afraid to move forward because they don’t want to lose the power that they have gained within their current system.

And the reality is that there are many, many more that are not interested in power over; that they are open to communing with and interacting with the Higher Dimensional Beings so that they can assist. They can assist others, they can assist the planet, and they can assist the myriad different systems that will be going through major changes. Just the technology, alone, will be amplifying to 2, 4, 8, 10, 12 % of what it was before, and this will free humanity up.

But it will frighten the ones who have power over, because power over is within that lower Fourth Dimension of reality. Humanity continues to expand their consciousness into the Fourth Dimension and beyond that lowest octave of the Fifth Dimension.

Those that want to have power over will become extinct, because no one will look to them. They will instead look inside themselves to their own Higher Guidance.

Shawnna, would you like to perhaps summarize that a bit and then ask us another question?

Yes, well you’ve covered quite a bit there, so I suppose that as we see this polarity of those of power within and power over, and we compare the desires of each, we will see that continual bifurcation of reality. Whichever reality we resonate to is what we will experience.  I suppose it is important for us to maintain our focus upon the power within so we can align to that frequency of Fourth, Fifth and Higher Dimensional existence connected to our Higher Guidance. And as we embody that, more and more of us will just create that reality together.

Yes, it will create that reality, and that reality will grow, and the ones that want to have power over are much like children that are bullies, and bullies can only bully people who are afraid. They can’t bully people that feel strong within themselves.

And so the tasks of those who have found their power within is, of course, to assist others to also find their power within and to refuse to participate in any type of situation in which any person, place, situation or thing wants to have power over them. Because once they step into that, then it becomes a contest. And then the Third Dimensional thinking takes place, and you’ll want to win the contest.

The way to avoid having conflicts and contests with those who have come to Gaia specifically to maintain that Third/Fourth Dimensional frequency, is to choose not to participate. They know that once Gaia begins to move into her Fifth Dimensional frequency, they will not be able to control her at all.

So those who love Gaia, who trust Gaia, who protect Gaia, and who know that the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Antareans, the Tau Cetians, and the Andromedans, as well as the Venusians, are all ready and able to assist dear Gaia.

Gaia is not alone, and there are many of her human inhabitants and, of course, all of her animal and her plant kingdom all work as one to protect her. All the humans that work to protect her, because she is pregnant. Gaia is pregnant with her Fifth Dimensional Self. The term of her pregnancy will depend largely on how humanity chooses to create the environment that surrounds her, and as humanity thinks in terms of Gaia as their planetary mother, and as humanity moves out of personal thinking and even beyond group thinking and moves into planetary thinking, they will be able to perceive that the Planet is a living being.

Gaia is a member of a family of other planets that are living beings, and specific planets, such as those from the Pleiades and Arcturus and Andromeda and Antares, they are all quite close in space, which is not close in terms of your 3D spaces, but close in terms of interdimensional and multidimensional spaces.

As those energies blend together, that will greatly increase the energy field of Personal and Planetary Ascension, and not just for Earth, but for all of the realities that we have mentioned. All of these realities are in different stages of their Ascension process. They are all helping each other and creating almost what you would call a ladder.

At the bottom of the ladder is dear Gaia, who has taken on the polarities of good and bad and has allowed the lost ones who have travelled from different places. As those places evolved, they got kicked off. They have dug deep into the Earth because they don’t want to get kicked off again. But what they don’t realize is that they are not kicked off, they just can’t catch up.

So we have no intention of kicking off anyone. Our intention is to assist every single being on Gaia to expand into Unconditional Love for all, and to dedicate themselves to assist others, to assist the planet, and to assist the process of Ascension of this entire Quadrant of space.

Shawnna, did you wish to say something, and we will give you a chance to incorporate what we have said. Perhaps you can ask a few questions that you think others might want to ask.

Sure, and we appreciate the reminder that it’s not just our planet, but this family of planets impacted by our reality and our transformation and transmutation. Is it accurate to say that every single person that is on this path of Unconditional Love and power within is in a way birthing their Fifth Dimensional Self, Higher Dimensional Self?

Absolutely. However, one cannot move in to that activity with the intention, with a somewhat selfish intention of birthing their own fifth Dimensional Self. Because if they have the intention, “I am doing this so that I can be Fifth Dimensional,” then they won’t have the energy field in order to be Fifth Dimensional.

If you look at all of the Ascended Masters, they were physical beings who were able to become Fifth Dimensional and ascend beyond the planet. All of those beings focused 100 % on service to others, no matter what that meant to their own selves. They focused on service to others.

And in your case, in humanity’s case, the service to others includes the service to Gaia, as well as Gaia’s moon, and as well as Gaia’s sister, Venus. Because sister Venus and Gaia are a team, and they will work as One. So as Gaia ascends, so will Venus ascend, and as Venus ascends, so will Earth ascend.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

PART II: Conversation with Juliano (Arcturian) through David K. Miller

Arcturian Perspectives: Rebalancing the Planet

PART II: Conversation with Juliano (Arcturian) through David K. Miller

David/Juliano: I want to address the great perspective you are offering, which is the open heart, the key towards Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.

Let’s look, for example, at some perhaps some very silly examples, but they are important ones when people open up their hearts to the plants and animals, to the spirit of the Earth, to the Earth Herself.

It implies that many of the things that the technology is doing is hurting and harming the Earth. As I said, these are silly examples, but they are important examples. For example, let’s just take the cooking of a lobster. There was a company in New England, which is now banning, and this may also be in Europe, in Switzerland, in Sweden, banning the boiling alive of lobsters. They realize that the lobster has sensation.

Sue: Yes. It actually squeals, it makes a little squealing noise when you put it in the boiling water. It’s horrible.

David/Juliano: They opened up their hearts to this. There is a story now that a German carmaker was testing the effects of ignitions of diesel fumes on monkeys. And now someone said, “Well, isn’t this harming the monkeys? Why would you do this?” So these are examples where somebody opened up their hearts to the pain that “modern technologies” may be placing on living beings.

But now, let’s just take this one step further. The Earth is a living being, and now the Earth, with the things that humanity is doing to the Earth, is harming the Earth. But who has the open heart to feel that pain?

The answer is those who are Fifth Dimensional, those who are going to higher consciousness, those who are expanding their consciousness understand that we must teach others to open their heart to the pain and to the damage and to the blockage that is occurring on this planet.

Sue/Arcturians: Yes, and also there is a quantum leap that humanity must make if they want to keep this planet habitable for humans. They have to take away their need for power over and seek for their own power within.

The power within is based on love, unconditional love. That power within allows us to be able to communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings, whereas that power over is something that is not a conversation, it’s a domination.

And so much domination by humanity has occurred, and in order for us to evolve as a species, we have to stop this domination.

We have to begin to live in unconditional love, even if you don’t understand it, you love it. Because that is a state of consciousness, and when one can love unconditionally, they have a state of consciousness that protects and heals them.

Because if they can unconditionally love others, they can also learn to unconditionally love themselves. And the facts are that most of the people that are cruel and awful to other people and other things are cruel and awful to themselves.

And they may not be aware of it, but they eat poor or they don’t allow themselves love, or they live in toxic situations. So they don’t even realize because they are unconscious, they are not conscious of themselves, of what they are doing to themselves and knowing that what we do to and for ourselves we do to and for the planet.

Because we are part of the planet, just like trees are part of the planet, and bugs are part of the planet, and clouds are part of the planet, right?

David/Juliano: Absolutely, and now from our perspective, we have visited other planets like the Earth. And please remember, our estimate is there are 5,000 Earth-like planets in this Galaxy, and all of them are at various stages of development.

Some have progressed beyond this stage that the Earth is in, but some have not. Some, unfortunately, have actually destroyed themselves from this. So we want to add the Earth now and say will the Earth integrate with wisdom, with open heart, this conflict, which is the key to solving this conflict?

Or will they keep their hearts closed and, therefore, not be able to resolve this?

Now there is a significant number of people like you, the Arcturian starseeds, those who understand about consciousness and are working towards the expansion of this wisdom. The question is how do we ensure that those like yourselves, of starseeds and Higher Consciousness, influence the planet to the highest level possible, ensuring that this conflict is resolved towards higher unity and higher evolution?

Sue/Arcturians:  Yes, and the beginning of that answer is that each person has to find that dedication within themselves, to consciously and actively participate in whichever manner fits their personality or fits their state of consciousness.  

Because as you progress, and once you decide that you are here for Gaia. I am here for Gaia. I am here for this planet. I came from the Pleiades. I came from Arcturus. I came from many other inhabited places. I chose to take an Earth vessel because I came to assist with this Planetary transmutation.

Gaia is coming into a place where she can evolve, and if you look at all of your personal lives, you all know that the darkest night is just before dawn.

Before you finish your education, before you get that job, before you get over that disease, before you find that person that you love, you have to go into the parts of yourself that say, ”No, I don’t deserve, no I can’t get, no, no, no.”

We have to replace those no’s with “Yes, I am a powerful person. Yes, I am a Galactic person. I am a Multidimensional Person, and my physical body has decided to come to Dear Beloved Gaia/Earth within this now to assist the planet.”

David/Juliano: And this ties in, and this will be our last comment on this lecture, this ties in to what we call planetary healers, because our mission and your mission and the mission of your listeners has to do with becoming planetary healers.

Which means that you are here to contribute to the rebalancing of Gaia, to the rebalancing of the consciousness on the planet. To opening up the blocked meridians on the earth, but most important to help expand the consciousness of humanity into the next level. And that next level, we call the Omega Man-Woman. And we will be exploring that concept with Sue in the lecture on February 17.

This is Juliano. Good day.

Sue: And thank you so much, Juliano, for all of your great wisdom and for sharing this with us now. And I, Sue, speaking from my own self, I’m looking forward to hearing what our Higher Selves come up with during that meeting.

It’s always nice to know that, and everybody has the ability, every single one of you, has the ability to move your consciousness into this Higher frequency of awareness so that you can communicate, listen to, and please jot down because you will not remember these Higher Dimensional communications if you don’t document them. The 3D brain takes a lot of training to be able to remember this Higher Dimensional information. Isn’t that correct, David?

David: Yes, but the Fifth Dimensional brain and mind has infinite memory and access and recall.
Sue: And our Fifth Dimensional brain is right there in our own third dimensional bodies. And one of the things that is really vital is that we awaken that component of our self, and we also have our lightbody that sits latent inside of our spinal column.

So we are like a car that nobody turned to open the key, and once that key is opened, then we will expand our consciousness and expand our sense of self and realize that every part of this planet is one being. It is not a planet of separation. It’s a planet of unity, and as we send out love, we get love. Anything we send out comes back, and that’s very important concept: energy out is energy back.

All right. David, any final statements or anything you’d like to say in closing?

David: We are looking forward to meeting everybody on February 17, to explore this important topic, and we hope everyone empowers themselves to fulfill their missions as planetary healers.

Sue: Yes, thank you so much. Thank you for listening, and we hope to see you at this meeting on February 17th.

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PART I: Conversation with Juliano (Arcturian) through David K. Miller

Arcturian Perspectives: Rebalancing the Planet

PART I: Conversation with Juliano (Arcturian) through David K. Miller

Suzanne Lie: Hi everyone. This is Sue Lie, and we are having a recording now to give you some information about the meeting that David Miller and I will have on Saturday, February 17.  David, you are going to start off and channel Juliano, and that will tell us both what we are going to be doing.

David/Juliano: Shalom, slalom, shalom. Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We teach our Earth Starseed friends from two perspectives. The first perspective is the Planetary perspective, and the second is your Personal perspective.

Today, I want to look more specifically at the Planetary perspective and what stage of development the Earth is now in, and what are the conflicts, what are the issues that are needing to be resolved. Everyone knows that the Earth is very polarized politically, economically, and socially, and also even from a religious spiritual standpoint.

What is not apparent is that the planet is in a crisis. The crisis is also related to the issue known as the sixth mass extinction. This is the destruction of habitat, oceans, plants, and animals of unparalleled weapons that now is occurring throughout this planet.

And I say that it is comparable to the mass extinction that occurred during the era of the dinosaurs approximately 66 million years ago.

We study planets, and we study planetary development. We call ourselves galactic anthropologists because we study primitive planets. We study advanced planets, and we study planets like the Earth that is going through a particular stage of development.

We identify five stages of development in planetary evolution. The first stage of development is where the Earth is now, and the Earth is at the end of that first stage of development. In order for the Earth to progress, a resolution of this conflict that I am going to describe must occur.

The conflict is wisdom for spiritual understanding and open heart energy and compassion versus technology. Technology is also defined as military technology. Quite simply, the Earth is at the position in planetary evolution of either destroying itself and destroying the planet or resolving the issues and moving forward into the next stage of development, which can be described as approaching a great harmony and unity, and even a fifth dimensional harmonization of the polarizations.

What is needed to resolve this? Clearly, the technology that has been developed has brought “advancements” such as computer technology, automobile technology, space craft technology, rocket technology, and sophisticated military destructive weapons.

The technology that actual began in the industrial revolution developed a system known as capitalism, but also developed  a religion-based theory that humanity can take what it wants from the planet, that humanity can use whatever it wants and can dominate the planet. Even at the price of ignoring the effects on the habitat, the effects on the other plants and animals and even the effects of other “lower” humans, humans who are not in alignment with the predominant view.

So this conflict then is also based on the false belief system that man must dominate and control the planet, and man has the right to use the resources in whatever way he wants for his own personal self-interest.

But this leads to a technology out of control. This leads to a military out of control. This leads to the self-destruction of the planet.

Open-heartedness, the compassion, and spiritual wisdom is the antidote. It is the only level of consciousness that can counteract this out of control self-centeredness and self-interest that is running rampant on this planet now and leading potentially to its destruction.

Sue: Could you please give an operational definition of what you mean by wisdom, because wisdom can mean a whole lot of things, so if you can pare that down for people that are listening?

David/Juliano: Wisdom implies an intuition, a higher understanding that comes beyond the Earth, beyond the normal third dimension. It comes from a Higher Source. It comes from guides and teachers. It comes from the Angelic world. It comes ultimately from the Creator. It is not an apparent local informational source. So it is not obvious that the Earth is a living spirit. The reason and the information about the Earth as a Higher Being, the Wisdom about the Earth, comes from Higher Sources that are beyond the personal knowledge, the personal gathering of “facts and information” that occur in the third dimension.

Therefore, the wisdom implies, coming from the source, it has a greater perspective, a greater understanding of events that are occurring.

Perhaps you would like to add, Sue, your perspective on wisdom, because also we are tying in wisdom with spiritual and an open heart, and an open heart energy. So maybe you want to add to this because this is a very important perspective.

Sue/Arcturians: I would add the component of multidimensionality. We are not just third dimensional humans, and that if we desire to do so and dedicate ourselves to the process through meditation, assisting others, education, we can discover that we are using a very small percentage of our brain. As we expand our consciousness and expand our knowledge, we use more and more of our brainpower, and we begin to even combine the left brain, which is daily life, and the right brain, which is creativity.

We can combine both of those sources to shoot our consciousness beyond the third dimension of daily life, and the fourth dimension of our dreams and aspirations, and into this fifth dimensional reality that is a true reality.

It is the reality in which we can speak with the beings, the living beings that live on higher planes, and we have made a religion over one living Being that came from a higher plane to serve and then went home.

But this is something that happens all the time. These higher beings are always there for us, they’ve always been there for us, and for many of us, they are actually a Higher Dimensional Expression of our own self.

Even though we have this third dimensional body, we also have a fifth dimensional and beyond body. When we combine these two components of ourselves, we are able to perceive reality from a completely different perspective. Did you want to talk about that?

David/Juliano: Yes, because what you are describing is that humanity, in order to solve this crisis, must connect to their multidimensional presence. They must connect to their fifth dimensional presence. It is only from that perspective that they will be able to understand the unity of everything.

What happens in one part of the planet is affecting the other. If one country decides to use more coal, it is going to affect everyone else. If someone decides to build a nuclear power plant, and it fails, it’s going to affect whole oceans.

What you are pointing out is correct, and it’s part of the resolution. It’s part of the next evolutionary stage that humanity must go through to incorporate this wisdom, which is to engage in the multidimensional perspective, the higher perspective, and that higher perspective, as you pointed out, includes communication with the higher guides and teachers that are really overseeing and are eager to participate and to teach those who are open-minded on how to resolve this crises.

Sue/Arcturians: Yes, and right now we are an example of that because both of us are actually channelling through our higher expressions of selves, our Arcturian expressions of selves, and we both use that in our daily life, in our daily everyday decisions, as well as listen to what are assignments are. We are literally given assignments.

Our Higher Selves, our Arcturian selves, our Pleiadian self, our Antarean self, all of these Galactic expressions of our self are able to perceive our Third Dimensional reality from a perspective that is beyond the brainpower of many of the people that are encompassed in the conflict, survival, fear, and all of the hardships that go with being a third dimensional person.

However, that person is able to call up and channel in their own Higher Expression of Self, and absolutely every person that wants to do that is able to do that.

To Be Continued....... 

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